Preview of the GTA/MUTA Track at the Atlanta Conference

By Isle Polonko

Looking at the preliminary schedule for the 2013 ASPE National Conference, it seems that every year the conference committee improves on an already fabulous line up of presentations.  The ASPE GTA/MUTA Special Interest Group (SIG) will be actively involved in the conference again this year with even more phenomenal, fun, and informative presentations scheduled over several days.  The following is a preliminary synopsis of the presentations scheduled that directly relate to GTA/MUTA programming:

On Sunday from 8am-1pm, there is a Core Curriculum Workshop offering a practicum in female pelvic and male urogenital instruction.  Not only does every participant experience both GTA and MUTA instruction, but participants will utilize learned techniques in an applied mock Teaching OSCE.  Materials will be provided that enable participants to utilize this information at their own institutions.  The title is:  Advanced Practice in Gynecological and Urogenital Exam Instruction and Practicum

On Monday at 3:30, there is a presentation/discussion specifically related to the unique challenges long term GTA/MUTA programs bring to the table.  The title is: A Wild and Wacky Journey; Recognizing and Responding to the Unique Challenges of Teaching Invasive Exams Long Term

On Tuesday, the SIG’s informational meeting meets during breakfast from 7:30 to 8:30.

At 9:15, the SIG is providing the following workshop:  The GTA/MUTA Guidebook – a Concise Step by Step Approach to Setting up an Exceptional GTA/MUTA Program.  During the course of this workshop, participants will receive information from a panel of experts who respond to inquiries received over the course of the year pertaining to successful GTA/MUTA programming and set up.

At 1:45, there is a workshop entitled:  GTA/MUTA Demonstrations of Alternative Teaching Formats and the Non-Px Elements of Invasive Exam Instruction

At 5:00, the GTA/MUTA SIG has their official business meeting.

On Wednesday, at 8:30, a program entitled, Utilizing GTAs in Effective Sexual Assault Response Training, demonstrates how to utilize GTAs to instruct on the forensic evidence collection kit for sexual assault response training

At 10:30, there is a presentation entitled, The Long Haul – Training GTAs to Safely and Effectively Instruct Multiple Exams

Keep in mind that the schedule listed above is tentative and keep your eye out for final programming.  See you all at the conference!  Don’t miss it!

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