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August 26, 2014

Learn More About GTA/MUTA

ASPE 2014: Learn more about GTA/MUTA

By: Kat Wentworth


It is that time again!  The ASPE annual conference is upon us and once again GTA/MUTA programming will be well represented.  The GTA/MUTA SIG wants ASPE members to have a sneak preview of all the wonderful GTA/MUTA programming happening at the conference.


Sunday morning is your first opportunity to learn more about GTA/MUTA.

8:30 am – “Advanced Practice in Gynecological and Urogenital Exam Instructions and Practicum”

  • This is a phenomenal pre-conference workshop that has been well received in the past. It provides managers and administrators with an opportunity to experience the GTA/MUTA practicum from the students’ point of view.  Visit the following link to read an ASPE newsletter article, which describes one Director’s experience at this pre-conference workshop.   Pre-Conference GTA/MUTA Workshop Exceeds Expectations


2:30 pm – GTA/MUTA SIG’s Informational Meeting

  • Come see what this very active SIG is up to and how we support ASPE membership through GTA/MUTA interests.


Monday is absolutely chock-full of wonderful GTA/MUTA sessions.

9:00 am – “A Review of Current Practices and Recommendations for Applying the Use of SPs, GTAs and MUTAs for Training and Competency Assessment of Sexual Assault Forensic Examiners”


11:00 am – “The World of GTA/MUTA from the Routine to the Extraordinary Experiences”


1:30 pm Snapshots – “First GTA Program in a Country”


1:30 pm – “The Long Haul – Training GTAs to Safely and Effectively Instruct Multiple Exams”


1:30 pm – Snapshot – “Overcoming Barriers to Implementing a Male Urogenital Teaching     Associate (MUTA) Program.”

3:30 pm – “Focusing on Facilitative Excellence for PETAs, GTAs and MUTAs”


Tuesday offers more fantastic GTA/MUTA programming.

11:00 am – “Envisioning Our GTA Program Utilizing the Consultant Approach”


12:30 pm – GTA/MUTA SIG Business Meeting

  • A new Chair steps in – Welcome Romy Vargas!

3:45 pm – “An Administrator’s Perspective: Supporting Your GTA Program and Making it Fiscally Independent”


Wednesday is the last day of the conference, so you want to take advantage of the final opportunity to attend an exceptional GTA/MUTA SIG workshop.

11:00 am – “GTA/MUTA Building Blocks – How to Create a Stellar Program from the Ground Up”


Join us in Indianapolis for this magnificent conference!  We look forward to seeing you all there!  (As always, check your conference program upon arrival for any changes in scheduling!)

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