ASPE News January 2012

Dear ASPE Members – the new year is upon us, and we’ve got lots of news to share!  Greet our new ASPE President, Gayle Gliva-McConvey. Consider possibilities for jazzing up your SP program communications, as Liz Ohle shares her experience with a new SP newsletter.  Keep abreast of the latest in SP scholarship with Grants and Research, and as you check out the updated conference calendar, accompany us back nine years as we visit an article from our archives.  We wish you a wonderful year, and hope to see you in June for the ASPE conference.

Jennie Struijk, Chair, Publications and Website
Valerie Fulmer, Publications Editor

January 2012

President’s Letter by Gayle Gliva-McConvey
The Memorial University SPotlight by Liz Ohle
Grants and Research Committee Research Annotation, January 2012 by Cate Nicholas
Innovations in SP Methodology: Professionalizing SPs by Don Montrey and Kris Slawinski
Conference Calendar


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