Introduction to the GTA/MUTA Special Interest Group

By Isle Polonko

In May 2010, the ASPE Gynecologic Teaching Associate/Male Uro-genital Teaching Associate Special Interest Group (GTA/MUTA SIG) held our first meeting. The GTA/MUTA SIG has grown in leaps and bounds and continues to be a driving force in GTA/MUTA education.  This article is the SIGs first contribution to the ASPE Newsletter and we will be reporting regularly on the many activities and achievements of this highly successful group.

Our SIG currently has over 40 members. Our mission statement is as follows:

  1. To support the members of ASPE by serving as a resource for information, research, networking, and dialogue on information related to the female and male genitourinary exam.
  1. To advocate for high quality GTA/MUTA programming via the promotion of patient-centered methodologies, continued growth of patient empowerment models, and the advocacy of the utilization of GTAs/MUTAs as a superior method of education.

To this end, the SIG has several sub-committees:

    • Audio-visual – chaired by Judi Marraccini
    • Listserv – chaired by Marcy Hamburger, and
    • Guidelines Subcommittee, chaired by Scott George

Currently, the audio-visual subcommittee is developing an illustrated Powerpoint presentation that can be utilized in the training of GTAs and students alike.

The listserv subcommittee is responsible for monitoring the ASPE discussion board and the SP listserv for any GTA/MUTA education topics. They bring those questions to the SIG group meetings. This allows professionals in our group with extensive GTA/MUTA experience the opportunity to respond.

Lastly, the guidelines subcommittee is developing a set of guidelines in a range of best practices.  The guidelines can be used by those who are starting GTA/MUTA programs or those currently involved in running a program.

Currently, we meet every first Thursday at 1pm EST on the ASPE bridge line.  If you are interested in GTA/MUTA education, our SIG is a hotbed of experience, support, resources on all things GTA/MUTA.  Drop me a line at if you would like to become a member of our SIG and we will welcome you aboard!  I look forward to another successful year with ASPE.

 Isle Polonko is the Chair of the ASPE GTA/MUTA SIG.

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