Grants and Research Committee Update

By Cate Nicholas

This year 2012 Grants and Research Project Award was given to Suzanne C. Smeltzer, EdD, RN, FAAN Professor and Director, Center for Nursing Research Villanova University College of Nursing for use of Standardized Patients with disabilities in an undergraduate nursing program.  We are interested in seeing more work with SPs and undergraduate nursing to support the concept of working with people with disabilities and training SPs to represent patients with those disabilities.

Lou Clark wrote in her review of the work, “Little is known or studied on this topic in this specific context and I very much applaud the authors in their conception of this project as very inclusive of people with disabilities.”   Quoting from the proposal, “people with disabilities are, or should be, in charge of their own care and are truly the experts on his or her disability.” We look forward to the presentation of this work.

We had eight submissions for the Project Award and we thank everyone for the good work.  We encourage all members to think about submissions for next year.  We will be especially interested in submissions focusing on inter-professional simulation.

The Grants and Research Committee’s focus is to promote an interest in the development of scholarly work and scholarship in the everyday educational activity of our membership. We have a very active and energized committee when it comes to research, scholarship and to spreading the word!

During the year, each member of our committee reads a journal article from the SP literature and prepares an annotated bibliography, which we then send to the Publication and Website Committee.  We hope you have enjoyed reading our summaries as much as we have enjoyed writing them.  This year we will be focusing on research looking at SP research in inter -professional simulation.

Much of the work we do centers around the annual ASPE Conference.  We will continue to offer preconference workshops and presentations that will contribute to professional growth in becoming an ASPE Scholar. Be sure to look for those presentations in the upcoming news about the conference.   We will be giving awards for outstanding posters in research and innovations at the conference this year.  We hope that you will come prepared to compete for the honor of outstanding poster.

We will also be moderating a session of research abstract presentations.  Last year we found this session to be quite lively thanks to Lou Clark, as moderator, and past chair, Karen Szauter, who always has great questions to stimulate an active discussion.

 I have been working as the Associate Editor for AAMC MedEd Portal over the last year.  I have seen over 35 submitted SP cases. During that time, we were able to add many SPEs as reviewers which, I believe, has improved the overall quality of the reviews.  Hopefully at the next annual conference we will be able to provide a case writing and review process workshop for SPEs who have the interest and qualifications to become reviewers.

For the upcoming year we hope to work with the Publications and Website committee on how to best use different social media to get our message of “research is fun “across to the membership. What better way to do the good work we do than through the use of Face book or Twitter?

We are also interested in expanding our membership outside of North America and I invite any international members with an interest in G&R to get in touch with me.

Finally, we will be transitioning the chair position to vice-chair, Lou Clark.  She will become the chair in January 2013.  If you see her at the San Diego Conference, introduce yourself and ask her how she became a member of G&R.  She has an interesting story to tell.

We look forward to seeing you in San Diego!

  • Chair: Cate Nicholas
  • Vice-Chair:  Lou Clark
  • Past Chair: Karen Szauter
  • Members:  Jim Blatt, Lisa Doyle Howley, Amy Lawson, Jonathan Macias, Nancy McNaughton, Brenda Seago, Stacy Walker, Rachel Yudkowsky, Julie Golding, Andrea Haan, Kerry Knickle, Joe Lopreiato, Jane Miller, Linda Perkowski, Rachel Quinto, Nancy Sinclair, Karen Szauter, Tonya Thompson, Elizabeth Williams.

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