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February 27, 2012

Call for Member Photographs

By Cameron MacLennan

Has this happened to you?

I returned from an annual ASPE Conference with several business cards collected from presenters and delegates. Each card represented a fortunate meeting and in some cases a game changing conversation. However, as the months passed I found it difficult to make some of the connections in my mind.

Turning to the ASPE website Membership Directory I hoped to put a face to some of the names on the cards. Few of the entries had a photo attached in the directory, and instead I found this:

It’s time to replace “No Picture” with member pictures!

Send me any photo that would help your fellow members recognize you. Seriously, ANY current photo will do.

It would be best if it’s a .jpg file that is less than 2MB but if you don’t know about those things send it anyway. We don’t need much more than your face, but if you can’t crop it yourself send it anyway. I’ll crop it.

Include the following current info; full name, name of institution, street address, email address, phone number and fax number.

Forward to ASPE Photographer – Publications and Website Committee Member
Cameron MacLennan – University of Toronto
1 (416) 340-4800    ext# 6412

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