ASPE Website and Social Media Committee Update- Angela Blood

By Angela D. Blood, Rush University Medical College


Hello! The ASPE Website is still under construction. Progress is made every week and I am so thankful for the unfailing determination and commitment of the Website & Social Media committee members.

Here is a quick summary of some recent updates:

  • Board of directors and ASPE committee pages have all been updated with new leadership, new member rosters and updated mission statements.

o   Check out the Board of directors page at:

  • Members who update their profiles can now select from a complete list of committees to indicate their involvement. Select from:

o   Conference Committee

o   Educational Content Committee

o   Educational Resources Committee

o   Grants & Research Committee

o   International Committee

o   Membership Committee

o   Publications Committee

o   Standards of Practice Committee

o   Website & Social Media Committee

Discounts are available for joint membership, so be sure to check out this page!

If you chat with them or see them around the conference be sure to congratulate Cathy Smith and Amelia Wallace who were the winners of these awards last year.


Regarding social media, we’ve had an increase in our membership for both Facebook (267 likes) and Linked In (135 members).
I’d like to take a moment to thank Carrie Bohnert for her unending support in bolstering the ASPE Website & Social Media Committee.  I began a new job this past February, and do not know how I would have managed to keep the website momentum going without her support.  Many thanks, Carrie!


Finally, I’d like to acknowledge the frustrations I’ve heard from our membership regarding the functionality of the website. Our committee members have been hard at work for more than a year on implementing a new site and the process has presented us with a number of challenges. I appreciate the constructive feedback we’ve received and welcome input from the membership. I am exploring a variety of options to resolve our issues and look forward to reporting on our continued progress soon.  I look forward to seeing you in Indianapolis!


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