Web-based Resources for Simulated Patient Methodology

By Tracy Morrison and Debra Nestel

The Victorian Simulated Patient Network (VSPN) is an online network for people interested in simulated patient (SP) methodology. Funded by Health Workforce Australia through the Department of Health (DoH), Victoria, the VSPN website functions principally as a repository of resources accessible to teachers, clinicians, program administrators and SPs.

Established in 2012 and led by Monash University, the website aims to provide high quality resources in SP methodology. The VSPN is applicable to several professional disciplines (medicine, nursing, midwifery, pharmacy, physiotherapy, paramedicine, medical imaging, dietetics & nutrition, psychology, occupational therapy, radiography, speech therapy and social work) where patient perspectives are critical components of curricula.

Study modules include illustrations of SPs at work, scenarios, educational frameworks to support SP-based education and links to key publications. The modules are accessible to anyone who registers with the network and are free of charge. Each module is designed to take approximately two hours to complete and there is no formal assessment.

Beside Debra Nestel, who is a lifetime ASPE member, Tracey Morrison has recently joined the ASPE member ranks. Many other ASPE members were co-authors of the modules or otherwise involved including Diana Tabak, Cathy Smith, and Carine Layat Burn. Shane Pritchard, one of our module developers and VSPN project officer, is also a member of ASPE.

The link to the VSPN website is http://www.vspn.edu.au

The module topics are listed below:Module topics


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