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February 25, 2014

Annual SSH SP SIG Business Meeting Report

By Kris Slawinski

The meeting opened with a welcome to Jennie Struijk, the incoming SIG Vice Chair, and hearty thanks were tendered to Dena Higbee, our outgoing Vice Chair.

We then reported on the SIG project. The Informal Terminology Survey was closed and analyzed in late December and was accepted as a Works in Progress poster to be exhibited at IMSH 2014. This second iteration of the survey had been trimmed down to 11 terms with the option to write in “Other term you’d consider using.” This garnered 341 responses from multiple simulation societies and the international community, with a strong showing from INACSL. The poster is linked to on the SSH SP SIG web page.

This was followed by a general discussion of what members wanted to get from the SIG and SSH. Some ideas included the following:

  • Publish—
    • Consider submitting White Papers to the SSH journal, Simulation in Healthcare
    • “How To” papers on implementation of SP Educational Methodology
    • Standards of Practice (we were then informed that ASPE intends to publish SoP by 12/14)
    • Offer—
      • Mentor program
      • Free webinars
      • SP Educational Methodology materials (cases, evaluation forms, floor plans of centers, etc)
      • Certification for SP Educators
      • Lobby services to promote SP SoP within SSH and its Journal
      • Advancing from a SIG to a Section
      • Become involved in reviewing SP-related conference abstracts

Members expressed concern that abstracts were not being reviewed by SP Educators, as many cited comments on rejected abstracts seemingly unrelated to the content, or not to understand the basics of SP educational methodology. It was suggested that the SP SIG have representation on the SSH Education Committee and the Research Committee, to offer informed, experienced assistance vetting abstracts and guiding publications in a better-informed direction. Carrie Bohnert and Amelia Wallace volunteered to become liaisons to these committees, and the Chairs promised to bring this up at the annual SIG/AG Chairs & Vice Chairs Meeting.

At the SIG/AG Chairs & Vice Chairs Meeting, convened by Ilya Shekhter and Kathy Adams the next morning, these concerns were aired and addressed. Alexis Battista of SSH offered to liaise with our SIG from the Membership Committee, and our offer of assistance reviewing abstracts was received positively by other Committee Chairs. We will continue to offer assistance from the SP SIG throughout the year through the AG/SIG/Section meetings, and through Alexis, to the other committees to establish a working relationship with them prior to IMSH 2015.

We also explored the pros and cons of our SIG becoming a Section. To do this, a SIG must have at least 100 members, and be at least two years old. We also learned that the Section has more of a voice in SSH activities, and reports directly to the Board of Directors. The Section must have stated Goals & Objectives, and generate projects through collaborative working groups to contribute to the Journal (Simulation in Healthcare). Sections can also hold regional meetings, offer recognition in the field to its members (awards for best posters, best service, etc.), and preview IMSH content.

It appears that becoming a Section will help satisfy members’ concerns about publishing, “lobbying,” and abstract reviews. Our next step is to survey the membership about moving forward with this action later this year.

The SIG meeting was attended by approximately 40 members. Many arrived late as there were other important meetings (CHSE being one) occurring simultaneously.  If you are an SSH member, please consider joining the SP SIG.

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