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August 26, 2014

Educational Resources Committee

Educational Resources Committee

by Connie Coralli and Alba Woolard

The Educational Resources Committee provides webinars, the conference bookstore and the ASPE website’s Virtual Library. One of the many great perks of being a member of ASPE is having access to monthly Webinars!  If you’re one of the many people who have attended a webinar you know how educational and convenient these trainings are!  Thank you for your attendance!  All of the webinars have been well attended and the presenters have received positive evaluations.

We appreciate the quality speakers who donate their time to do this training.  If you’d like to share your expertise via a webinar, or if there’s a presentation you’ve enjoyed at a past conference or other training, please let me know and we’ll invite that speaker to present in our webinar format.

Invitations to the Webinars are sent to all of ASPE membership via e-mail. These e-mails will have descriptions of the individual Webinars and instructions for joining via GoToWebinar.

You can register for the Webinars through the invitation emails. All that you will need is an internet connection to join the Webinar and either microphone with speakers or a telephone to call into the Webinar

The Virtual Library submission process is very close to being an active part of our website again.  Start thinking about what documents you have to share with your colleagues.  As soon as our process is active we’ll be calling for submissions.   Would you like to review documents submitted?  We can use reviewers who have an hour or so a month – ask me about joining the Educational Resources Committee.

Please plan to stop by the ASPE Conference Bookstore in Indianapolis to say hello and browse the titles that will enhance your work.  We’ll see you there.

Current Webinar Schedule:

Date Time Presenter Title
July 15 Updated Time:11:30am  to 12:30 EDT Mary Rubino and Amelia Wallace From Emotions to Techniques- Training SPs and Faculty to Integrate Tools of Varying Objectivity during Feedback/Debriefing
August 12 11am EDT Bob Kiser Advanced Learner-Centered Feedback Coaching Skills
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