The Long Awaited Virtual Learning Center is back in business!

The Long Awaited Virtual Learning Center is back in business!

by Connie Coralli

The ASPE website has been undergoing an extensive renovation and I’m happy to announce that the Virtual Learning Center Document Resource Bank is up and running again.  The Document Resource Bank will be a repository of useful documents and information submitted by ASPE peers.  Check out the four “Case Templates” under the “Case and Case Development” category.

Help your fellow ASPE members by sharing something on the website that you’ve found useful. The submission process is simple.  Log into the “Members Only” section of the website and go to the “Virtual Learning Center” home page and click on the link to the submission form.  Complete the simple 1 page form online and submit it along with your attached document.  Presto!  You’re done!  ASPE members will review your submission and you’ll be notified of your acceptance.  We’d like to see a dozen documents in each category by the end of the year.  Members , new and old,  are starved for new ideas from others so let the sharing begin!

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