New Virtual Learning Center documents

New Virtual Learning Center Documents

By Connie Coralli, Emory University

Isn’t it exciting to have the Virtual Learning Center and our Documents Resource Bank up and running again?

Here’s a list of helpful documents submitted since 7/1/14 that you can find at .


Check them out!

Category Document Title Author
Administration SP Event Assistant Job Description Bohnert
SP Peer Mentor Bohnert
Standardized Patient Job Description Bohnert
SCSIL General Consent Form Gliva-McConvey
2014 SP Policies & Procedures Gliva-McConvey
Cases & Case Development UTMB SP Case Template Szauter
NYIT SP Case Template Antonelle-Mahoney
ESOM Case Template Coralli
GTA/MUTA History of GTA Programs Ohle
GTA Training Protocol Ohle


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