Member News – February 2014

Bob Bolyard was recently named “SP of the Year” by the University of Vermont College of Medicine’s class of 2016. Bob Boyard

The students were given these guidelines in their selection process:

Standardized Patients play an integral role in the education of COM medical students.  They foster an environment in which students can practice interviewing and examination skills and receive honest feedback.  The ability of a physician to develop rapport with a patient, perform a focused examination and gather an accurate history are vital skills that COM students are fortunate to practice early and often.  The Standardized Patients share their experience, knowledge and time with students during both Foundations and Clerkship years.  Due to the tremendous role they play in the curriculum, we would like to recognize the devotion of our Standardized Patients.

The criteria for nomination for the award are:

  • Effectively taught clinical exam skills
  • Provided the best constructive feedback
  • Created a positive learning environment, by being consistently excited/engaged in medical student education.

Some student comments included:

“Bob was incredibly kind and helpful and was an amazing resource for learning basic to very sensitive physical exams.”

“Bob Bolyard greeted every student with a smile. He was always willing to teach and gave plenty of encouragement, while also providing constructive feedback. He is extremely knowledgeable and made students feel comfortable even during potentially uncomfortable interactions. I am very appreciative of the instruction he provided.”

“Bob is patient with us and a very effective teacher. He provides a relaxed but professional learning environment, makes us all feel comfortable and proficient.”

“Bob did a wonderful job of making us all feel comfortable with exams that were occasionally quite awkward. He was always positive, enthusiastic, and supportive. Thank you!”

This is the third year such an award has been presented.  Bob also won it last year.  Bob has been an SP at the University of Vermont for 16 years, the past three as a SP Educator, and is on this year’s ASPE Conference Committee.

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