Update on Website and Social Media

By Angela Blood


The Website and Social Media Committee members are hard at work to reimagine the current ASPE website. The work of the committee involves reviewing all current content on the website, redesigning and streamlining wherever we can, and making recommendations to ASPE’s administrative support, Kautter Management Group, Inc. The committee’s goal is to have a website to showcase during our annual meeting, which will be presented to all the membership.

Please make sure to attend the conference Website Presentation during the annual meeting on SUNDAY (6/23) afternoon from 3:45 – 4:20pm.

One of the major changes that has resulted from the committee’s discussions is a new way for ASPE to provide resources and learning material to its membership.  Professional development has always been a major component of ASPE’s mission statement. Some of the resources that are available on the current website include the virtual library, webinars, bibliographies and text recommendations, etc. These resources will be brought together under one new members-only area of the website: The Virtual Learning Center.  Content housed in this new Virtual Learning Center will be determined and vetted by both the Educational Content and Educational Resources Committees.

Social Media

Regarding social media, we have much to report! Two of our social media outlets, Linked In and Facebook, have received major facelifts and new versions are now available. The previous Linked In page for ASPE listed our organization as a company (with sadly only one employee, who was actually a member). After consideration, the committee realized that the “group” function available through Linked In was more appropriate for a professional society, and is in keeping with similar professional society social media practices.  ASPE’s Facebook page has also received a new branding, bringing our upcoming annual meeting front and center. Discussions on both of these media outlets have been very active since the redesign, and we look forward to continuing to facilitate the great networking and collaboration!

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