Educational Content Committee Report

By Carrie Bohnert

Hello, friends! The newly formed Educational Content Committee (formerly part of Education & Professional Development) is moving forward with renewed focus. The Committee now houses Core Content, International Conference Presentations, and Special Interest Groups. Here is a quick update on what each ECC subcommittee does and how you could get involved.

Core Content provides training on the underpinnings of SP methodology through conference presentations and webinars. In the future we also hope to provide these trainings through self-paced web modules. This subcommittee is well suited for ASPE members who have 2-3 years under their belt and enjoy the process of training others. We are looking for members who have skills in gathering information, creating presentations, and motivating others.

International Conference Presentations is the liaison between conferences with a global constituency and the general ASPE membership. This subcommittee accepts invitations to present at international conferences on behalf of ASPE, and determines the content and presenters who are best suited to the conference. This subcommittee is well suited for ASPE members who have an interest in expanding ASPE’s integration into simulation and SP communities worldwide. We are looking for members from across the globe who have a working knowledge of medical education and simulation conferences throughout the world, and who are experienced at reviewing abstracts.

Special Interest Groups are a fabulous home for anyone who wants to network with others who share a common interest. They include Interprofessional Education, Expanded Use of SPs, MUTA/GTA, and Hybrid Simulation. These groups dialogue about innovations in their area of interest and present sessions at ASPE’s annual meeting. These groups are well suited for all ASPE members who want to learn more or teach others about the use of SPs in these ways.

Please contact ECC Chair Carrie Bohnert at or (502) 852-3552 to join a subcommittee.

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