Update on Website: New Chair of the Website and Social Media Committee

By Angela Blood

As many of you know, ASPE recently established a partnership with the firm Kautter Management Group, Inc. Through KMG we now have access to administrative resources and skills that have previously been unavailable to our association. One of the opportunities now presented is the opportunity to reimagine the ASPE website.
Some have discovered from personal experience that although the look of the current ASPE Website is professional the functionality of many features leaves much to be desired! Although our ASPE leadership, most especially Jennie Struijk, struggled valiantly to make the website as functional as possible there was only so much that could be done; if the foundation of a structure is crummy a new coat of paint will only go so far! We are pleased to report that the ASPE website has recently migrated to KMG servers. This transition should begin to eliminate current frustrations with “time out” errors and general slowness of the site.

To meet the lofty goal of reimagining the ASPE website I have been asked to chair a new committee: Website & Social Media. The membership of the committee is made up of two types of members: those who officially represent other committees of ASPE (finance, international, conference, etc.), and those members who are simply interested in having a say and being a part of the redesign process. This is our chance to start fresh and establish ASPE in the online community as the official resource for SP educators. If you’ve ever had feelings about how ASPE manages its brand through website or social media, please join us. Now is your chance to be heard.
The new Website & Social Media Committee (formerly the Website Redesign Committee) has been meeting regularly since December 2012 and already has made quite a bit of progress. Our goal is to review all of the content on the current ASPE website, and make suggestions to KMG about what needs to be edited, revamped, or started fresh in order to have a fully functioning website ready for the annual meeting.

I would like to thank everyone who has devoted their time and effort to this daunting task thus far. Our committee membership includes: Patti Bell, Angela Blood, Melanie Dixon, Melih Elcin, Valerie Fulmer, Wendy Gammon, Amber Hansel, Alan Johnstone, Liz Leko, Shelby Marx, Cate Nicholas, Liz Ohle, Dave Patterson, Jamie Pitt, Jennie Struijk, and Amelia Wallace, along with guidance from our president Gayle Gliva-McConvey.

ASPE News will continue to provide Website progress reports. Be sure to join us at the annual ASPE meeting this summer in Atlanta for a more in depth presentation about the improvements to the website.

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