Note from the Publications Chair

Dear Membership,

I am pleased to have the opportunity to serve this lively community of educators by functioning as the Chair of the Publications Committee and Editor -in-Chief of ASPE News. The face of ASPE News has changed during my tenure and has, hopefully, satisfied the needs of the community as the membership continues to embrace inter-professional disciplines and SP/ simulation methodologies.

ASPE News will provide up to date reports as roles shift to accommodate scope of work and distribution of tasks on some of the larger committees.  It is an exciting time to be a part of the Board of Directors and I am committed to transparency in reporting BOD initiatives to ASPE members.

Having been in the ASPE community since 2004, many people have influenced the trajectory of my involvement but none so much as Jennie Struijk, Karen Lewis, and Kris Slawinski. During my involvement on the Publications and Website Committee I’ve witnessed these women work tirelessly to develop the well groomed communication tool that Kris Slawinski brought into being as “ASPE Quarterly”, while generously guiding me as the face of our publication shifts and grows.  Such commitment as this, and similar dedication in every other branch of the organization, is truly inspiring.

The individuals who share similar dedication to the professionalism of this association are the foundation of our many committees.  As volunteers, the balance between full time jobs and committee work is often tenuous and difficult to maintain.  ASPE News, a tool that belongs to its members, will strive to share the stories of some of these dedicated individuals in the coming year and, by doing so, encourage others to give not only ideas and suggestions but also sweat equity.

As always we welcome your ideas, comments, and articles. If you are not yet a part of a committee please consider becoming more involved in a way that suits your skills, interest, and time.

Valerie Fulmer
Chair of Publications Committee
Editor -in- Chief

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