Member News – October 2012

By Angela Blood

Check out the latest published article by…me! This feels a little (or perhaps more) self-serving, but I wanted to let my fellow ASPE community members that I have my first peer-reviewed journal article out this summer. The article describes the reliability and predicative abilities of a Neurology Clerkship OSCE. Participating in research in an active way was a first for me, and an experience that I hope to repeat soon. Utilizing the OSCE data has shown me the value of “make it count twice” – if we’re going to put tons of effort into SP-based instruction and assessment, we might as well do so in a scholarly way. I’ve also come to realize that I can use the same data set to answer many research questions, so the possibilities are endless. Good luck to my fellow researchers in their endeavors!

Lukas, R. V., T. Adesoye, S. Smith, A. Blood, J. Brorson. (2012). “Student assessment by objective structured examination in a neurology clerkship.” Neurology 79(7): 681-685.

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