ASPE News: Share what you know!

ASPE News would like to know:

  • Have you changed jobs, received a promotion, published an article or book? Tell us, so we can share your success with the rest of the membership in the Member News segment.
  • Was your program featured in print or film? Do you know of a great article to share? Tell us, so we can mention it in Media Watch.
  • Do you have SPs with interesting stories about how being an SP has affected their lives? Refer them to us, so we can print their stories for all to read in SPeak Out.
  • Did you attend a workshop at an ASPE or other conference that has impacted how you approach your job as an SP educator? Let us highlight the impact of that workshop in Conference Gems.
  • Did you attend a conference recently? Would you be willing to share your conference experience with the membership?
  • Are you a member of an ASPE interest group? Would you like to update the membership regarding progress or change in your interest group?
  • Do you know of an innovation in the field that others might find interesting?
  • Do you and your SPs have funny stories about the things students or other SPs say and do? Tell us, so we can share some humor with your peers.

ASPE News is an informative and entertaining publication to read because it is about your ideas, your scholarship, and your experiences. Keep us informed so we can keep everyone informed.

Valerie Fulmer
ASPE News editor-in chief

Please respond to Valerie Fulmer at

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