Twitter @ ASPE!

By Don Montrey

This year, ASPE is going to use its Twitter account to share information during the conference and we’d love for you to follow us! 

How to Create a Twitter Account

1. Go to (or download the Twitter app for iPhone, Android and Blackberry)
2. Fill out the information on the main page.


3. It will then ask you some more info as well as guide you in designing your twitter page and profile picture, etc. Don’t worry about it, you can just use the default settings if you’d like.

4. Once you get set up, click on the “@Connect” button in the upper left-hand side of the screen.


5. Enter “ASPE_Tweets” in the Search box on the opposite side of the screen.


6. Click Follow when the ASPE window appears.


7. Now you’re following our Tweets!

The best way to participate is to make use of “hashtags”. Hashtags consist of the “#” symbol followed by a word or sentence with no spaces. They are a way for Twitter users to search and organize Tweets around a topic. The hashtag for the conference is “#aspe2012”.

All you do is compose a tweet and add “#aspe2012” at the end. Then we can search for and follow your tweets.


See how the hashtag is highlighted? Just click that and you will get a list of all tweets with that hashtag.

You can also Reply to Tweets, Retweet a Tweet or Favorite a Tweet. These options are found at the bottom of the Tweet window:





How You Can Use Twitter @ ASPE

1. Share info on the conference:


2. Give fellow conference members a heads-up or ask questions:


3. Share photos:


4. Meetups

There are lots of options. Be creative! Try things out. Lots of popular smartphone apps will allow you to share via Twitter. If you need assistance, look for Jennie Struijk or Don Montrey and they will assist you.

See you in San Diego!

Get this guide in a handy PDF format!

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