Introducing Melih Elcin – International Committee

We are pleased to introduce to you Dr. Melih Elcin, the newest Chair of ASPE’s International Committee. Please take the time to introduce yourself and welcome him at this year’s San Diego conference.

He is an Assistant Professor and Family Physician with the Department of Medical Education & Informatics at Hacettepe University in Anakara, Turkey. In 2003, Elcin helped establish Hacettepe’s Standardized Patient Program and has been integral in this program’s growth and success. He is also the Medical Director of the Standardized Patient Program and is involved not only in the medical school curriculum but also in SP training.  

Elcin served as Chair for the Simulation in Medical Education’s (SME) Regional Meeting in October of 2010. This event focused on advances in the field of Simulation, as well as encouraged international and intercultural collaboration between the participants. 

Dr. Elcin’s research interests in curriculum development and SP training complement his teaching interests of communication skills and the medical humanities. Work with Standardized Patients also pair well with his “outside” interests in drama and story writing.

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