Member News September 2011

By Angela Blood


Cate Nicholas, ASPE Outstanding Educator 20112011 Outstanding Educator of the Year: Cate Nicholas

Cate Nicholas, EdD, MS, PA, Director of Operations and Director of the Standardized Patient (SP) Program for the Fletcher Allen Heath Care/University of Vermont Clinical Simulation Laboratory was named the 2011 Outstanding Standardized Patient Educator of the Year at the annual conference of the Association of Standardized Patient Educators (ASPE) held in Nashville, Tenn.  The ASPE Educator award is given each year to an individual who has made significant contribution to the field of SP education and is recognized as a leader within their own institution, the SP community and by national and international organizations.  Cate was recognized for her capacity to convince and stimulate others to work together to further the goals of ASPE, and for her humor and sense of purpose which has helped build a strong foundation for the organization.

2011 Poster Awards

At the annual meeting in Nashville, the Grants and Research Committee, chaired by Cate Nicholas, organized the poster judging and awards. Within each of the two categories, Research and Innovation, first and second place awards were given. Of the many excellent poster presentations, the following awardees presented particularly outstanding work:

Outstanding Innovation First Place Award
Kelly Tomaszewski, Grand Valley State University
“End of Life Simulations of Therapeutic Communication and Care Using Standardized Patients and SimMan”
Co-authors: Carol Robinson, RuthAnn Brintnall

Outstanding Research First Place Award
Deborah A. Sturpe, University of Maryland School of Pharmacy
“Use of Standardized Patients and Objective Structured Clinical Examinations in US Pharmacy Programs”

Outstanding Innovation Second Place Award
Mary F. Donovan, Georgetown University School of Medicine
“One Patient, Four Clerkships: An Integrated, Multi-Disciplinary Approach”
Co-authors: Marguerite R. Duane, Rebecca Evangelista, Maria Marquez

Outstanding Research Second Place Award
Elizabeth T. Newlin-Canzone, Old Dominion University
“The Impact of Improvised Responses on the Ability to Portray and Observe”
Co-authors: Mark W. Scerbo, Gayle Gliva-McConvey, Amelia M. Wallace, Lorraine Lyman

Recent Publications:

Check out the annotation in this issue of ASPE News of the recent publication,“The advantages and challenges of unannounced standardized patient methodology to assess healthcare communication,” in Patient Education and Counseling, volume 82, issue 3, March 2011, pages 318-324 by Laura A. Smirnoff, Heather L. Rogers, Allison C. Waller, Sonja Harris-Haywood, Ronald M. Epstein, Francesc Borrell Carrio, Gayle Gliva-McConvey, and Daniel R. Longo.

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